Virtual Reality

Putting the Reality in Virtual Reality

Making Live-Action VR Better

Building the things VR filmmakers need.

Video games have led the charge in Virtual Reality for decades, and now live-action VR -- including 360° video -- has arrived.

This means we need a lot of new technology, as the tools simply do not exist to make live-action VR at the quality level filmmakers demand.

Practical Magic is working on these problems -- creating studio-grade tools, software, and production techniques to make live-action VR better.

VR Camera Mobility

  • VR Camera Cart

    Camera Carts

    High-Speed Electric Camera Carts
  • Motion Control

    Motion Control

    Custom Motion Control VR Rigs
  • Flyine and Cable Cam

    Flyline & Cablecam

    VR Wire Rigs & Integration
  • Long-Range 360 Wireless

    Wireless 360° Video

    Low-Latency Long-Range 360° Video

VR Production Tech

The On-Set Tools

We bring to the table a mixture of industry-standard technology, plus our own hardware, software, and accessories.

  • Gear designed to move VR Cameras
  • Live On-Set 360 View/Record/Playback
  • VR-Ready DIT Carts
  • VR-Ready Motion Control Systems

Rapid Prototyping

Custom Hardware & Software

VR technology is changing fast. We're rapidly creating and deploying custom software tools, up to and including camera control/telemetry systems for cameras from Jaunt, Arri, RED, and more.

  • Custom telemetry software (and hardware.)
  • Lightweight, camera-independent 360 live stitching
  • Long-distance wireless 360 witness camera systems
  • Custom integrations with cameras from RED, Arri, etc.

Full VR Post Production


With a fully-equipped facility in Burbank, we provide full-service, studio-grade VR post-production supervised by seasoned VFX arists.

  • Cinema-grade, resolution-independent VFX environment including Nuke CARA VR, Maya, PFTrack, and more.
  • VR Headset-Driven Editing and VFX
  • On-Premises 1500+ Core Render Farm
  • VR Audio Mixing Room supporting Ambisonics B-Format