Meet our team

Also known as "people who vaguely remember what sleep was like."

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    Matthew Lewis

    CEO and Founder

    Matt brings 17 years of technical production experience and studio relationships into Practical Magic, dating back to the late 1990s when he helped launch the "online" division inside Universal Pictures. Matt was fortunate to hold senior roles in emerging technology at the studio, managing technology efforts for films such as "American Pie" and "October Sky."

    In 1999, Matt lead a team at Warner Bros. Online in designing and implementing first-generation video streaming infrastructure, a somewhat new concept at the time. Matt's work contributed to the first streaming of major motion picture events of the era, including the first live stream of a red carpet premiere for the film "The Perfect Storm", and the groundbreaking online efforts of "The Matrix."

    As an extracurricular activity, Matt consulted for Kodak as an instructor in their in-house Cinematography Workshop, where he helped Kodak's R&D division in its development of experimental film stock intended for digital scanning, as well as developing on-set workflows for the latest Panavision and Arri cameras. Additional responsibilities at Kodak included drinking gin with Bill Fraker at the ASC clubhouse at 10 in the morning.

    In 2003, Matthew formed a production and technology consulting firm, Angel Valley Media, and continues today to produce, direct, and lead production technology efforts in countries all around the world on behalf of virtually every major motion picture studio, more than a dozen television networks, as well as Facebook, Google, AMD, and many other major technology firms.

    In 2019, Practical Magic is Matthew's primary focus, overseeing the day-to-day business of the firm, and personally leading the effort on volumetric and immersive media.

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    Amy Bloom

    General Partner

    Amy's background in international marketing activations and live entertainment led to her joining Practical Magic as a general partner in 2012, starting with the Resident Evil experience for Sony Pictures, an execution which took her team across Europe supporting Resident Evil: Retribution -- the fifth film in the smash hit Resident Evil motion picture franchise.

    In the years since, Amy has supervised Practical Magic's traditional television and virtual reality projects, including the recent Assassin's Creed VR for 20th Century Fox, which reached over 100 territories in 10 languages, as well as the fabrication of VR camera systems for the Cannes Gold Lion-winning "Help! VR", directed by Justin Lin, one of the most complex virtual reality films ever produced.

    Besides her day-to-day management of operations, Amy continues to play a critical role in managing relationships with Practical Magic's entertainment and corporate partners, including both television and film studios, as well as corporate partners, such as Microsoft, Intel, and Dell.

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    Aaron Sherry

    VP, Production

    For Aaron Sherry, production and post-production are a family tradition. Aaron's father Michael was a long-time, multiple-Emmy-winning editor for Oprah Winfrey, and Aaron is no stranger to the edit room.

    With over 100 hours of television and feature films under his belt, Aaron's 20 years of production experience and relationships provides a strong base for Practical Magic to execute its work with precision and efficiency.

    Aaron joined parent company Angel Valley Media in 2003, and joined the Practical Magic team in 2012. In the past four years, Aaron has produced internationally released theatrical films, broadcast and cable television, and Virtual Reality for Universal, Fox, SyFy, Travel Channel, CW Network, and others.

    In 2019, Aaron's focus is the ongoing evolution of the physical production divisions inside Practical Magic to increase focus on the unique needs of VR while servicing traditional television and film needs.

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    Timothy Donahue

    VP, Post Production

    Timothy Donahue began his career almost 20 years ago as an editor and finisher at National Lampoon, creating timeless, classic comedy material.

    As an instructor in the Kodak Cinematography Workshop program in the early 2000s, Tim met fellow instructor Matt Lewis. The pair promptly joined forces at Angel Valley Media, and since 2003 the duo have producing content in countless countries all around the world, from Japan, to Costa Rica, to Malta.

    Besides his duties overseeing Practical Magic's post-production pipelines, Tim's particular area of expertise is color grading. Tim holds the unique honor of being one of the first colorists to grade, master, and deliver 4K television material for Discovery Networks for international television distribution.

    In 2019, Tim is breaking down the next barriers in color grading -- voxel-based media, and linear 8K HDR for television and film.

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    Bob Bristow

    Senior Engineer

    Bob couldn't write his own bio because he's busy working on a contract for Disney Research that we can't even talk about.

    Bob is one of Hollywood's great new inventors, engineering incredible technology for some of the largest motion picture franchises (and theme parks, *cough*) in the world for entertainment clients such as Fox, Sony, Disney, and Universal, as well as technology clients such as Facebook and Google.

    As an engineer, Bob creates the majority of physical things that Practical Magic generates; from CAD to 3D prototyping to heavy machining to precision lasering, Bob is the person who makes things real. Bob has engineered and built theme park rides, camera rigs, motion control systems, electric camera cars, and more.

    At the end of the day, you're holding something in your hand that was merely an idea just a few hours earlier. That's why we can call this place Practical Magic.