Production Technology

Engineering for Movies

Engineering For Film and Television

Sometimes, filmmakers need a piece of technology that just doesn't exist.

In filmmaking, when a piece of technology doesn't exist, you either change the creative, or somebody needs to make it exist.

Practical Magic makes things exist for filmmakers. We invent, design, fabricate, and deliver real things that make production possible.

Featured Stories

  • Capture


    CW Network

    Learn how Practical Magic helped create the "Hunger Games"-like technology of CW's "Capture"
  • Help! VR



    See how we fabricated the VR camera mobility equipment for Justin Lin's VR experience "Help!"
  • Escape the Living Dead


    the Living Dead

    Jaunt VR

    An explosive one-take experiment in narrative VR storytelling with a moving VR camera.
  • Resident Evil

    Resident Evil

    Sony Pictures

    The Umbrella Corporation comes alive in an interactive experience spanning two continents.

In-House Engineering

Made in California

We have entertainment-industry-focused engineers on-site in California to design, prototype, and fabricate.

  • Engineers on-site for faster iterations.
  • In-house design in Solidworks, Rhino, Eagle, and more.
  • 24/7 access to engineers.
  • Engineers follow equipment onto set.

On-Site Fabrication

16,000 sqft facility

Our 16,000 sqft Burbank facility provides on-site bespoke fabrication capabilities, allowing us to quickly create things without waiting for outside vendors.

  • On-site, right-now industrial fabrication.
  • CNC Milling, Laser cutting, Vacuforming, and more.
  • Facility-wide air-powered tooling
  • Industrial prototyping capabilities

Rapid Prototyping

Electronics, 3D Printing & More

On-site Rapid Prototyping means we can iterate quickly on designs, even bringing prototypes straight onto set.

  • Well-equipped, well-stocked EE Lab
  • Multiple On-Site 3D Printers
  • Idea to In-Hand without leaving the building.
  • Work happens "now," less waiting on outside vendors.